1st Airbnb Experience

Airbnb, for those of you that don’t know much about it, is a website where you offer your entire home or a room for a price per night like a hotel. Being skeptical for a year or so but very intrigued, I finally decided to test it out last year! I’ve had many friends that had positive experiences and I wanted to see for myself how it worked.

My 1st experience with Airbnb was in September of last year when I traveled to Atlanta with my friend Ali for Music Midtown. I found a super cheap Airbnb relatively close by to the festival and it had great reviews. It was a room in a house owned by a guy in his late twenties, maybe early thirties. He was really polite, respectful, and gave us our space. It was a little strange at first knowing he was in the house when we were and possibly running into each other, but there were no issues. Our room was large enough for the both of us and we had a key that we could lock our door when we left. Again, this was our first time using Airbnb staying in a STRANGER’S home, with them! However, it served its purpose. We used the place mostly to sleep and change clothes in between our time at the music festival and we were able to save so much money versus booking a hotel in the city.

We didn’t mind sharing this huge bed
Plenty of space for suitcases

Following this trip Ali and I felt comfortable enough after our first experience and we decided to stay at Airbnbs for our trip to California. Our flight to Cali was a red eye and we knew we didn’t want to drive all the way to Anaheim at 2AM, so we decided to stay at an Airbnb close to the airport for the night when we arrived. This was the best idea ever. The place we booked was owned by a couple in their early thirties and they were super sweet. The room came equipped with a coffee maker, water, maps, things to do in Cali, and everything else a hotel would have! The next morning when we left they also surprised us with Disney ears of different characters that was really nice of them.

Great room and natural light
Amenities like a hotel!

After getting some sleep and discovering a little bit of Los Angeles, we decided to head over to our final destination, Anaheim, CA! We decided on this place entirely based on location and it was a great stay. This was probably my favorite out of all the airbnbs, I was very impressed. Our room was very simple, had A/C, a large closet, nice decor and a comfortable bed. Our host that owned the house was actually out of town and his girlfriend ended up welcoming us. She was very nice and gave us our space. We learned that she was some sort of engineer and in her early thirties. The best part about this place was that it was 3 minutes away from Disneyland! We could see the fireworks from our room! It was so cool.

Comfy bed and new carpet
Large closet
Modern kitchen
High tech front door lock

Overall, my 1st three experiences with Airbnb over a month and a half time span were great. I learned a lot about different areas of the cities we stayed in. I got to meet interesting people that were helpful in recommendations. Everything about our experiences were different but comfortable. It took me out of my comfort zone, rather than paying more money and staying at a hotel, and it gave me a different perspective on how people live their lives/welcomes others in. If you’re a traveler on a budget I’d highly recommend Airbnb! Do your research and make sure to read reviews.

Have you ever used Airbnb?! What was your experience like? I’m using Airbnb on a trip to New York next month I’m super pumped about! If you’re interested in staying at an Airbnb or any of the ones I mentioned, feel free to comment below! If you click on the link here you’ll get $40 in travel credit for signing up too!

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