Chase Sapphire Preferred Review

Thinking of applying for a specific credit card? Are you a traveler? Do you eat out often? Do you like the sound of free points towards flights and travel? Yeah, me too! My boyfriend James and I were in your shoes almost five months ago. This is my review on the Chase Sapphire Preferred so far.

Earned 2X points staying at the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort

After weeks of doing research on the right credit card to apply for we finally decided on the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Currently we have 62,877 points that we’ve racked up in just under five months. This equals to $628.77 cash back or $785.96 towards travel! How we’ve done this is simple. We’ve put everyday normal expenses on the card and paid it off immediately. This way, we earn points for average things like groceries, gas, and entertainment, and stay responsible with our credit. On normal purchases like these you earn 1 point per dollar. That’s not very impressive, but this is where it’s gets better for travelers.

Earned 2X points on renting this bike in Venice Beach!

What’s so great about this card, especially if you’re a traveler, is that you earn 2 points per dollar on travel related purchases! If you have a few trips planned out and solely use this card it’s easy to rack up! James and I have gone on separate trips as well as trips together where we’ve earned hundreds in points due to traveling. This comes in handy when staying at hotels, renting a car, purchasing a flight, and anything else related to travel. Want to know what else gets you double points?! Eating out! Dining is also considered for double points. So the next time you go out for Chipotle and you reach for that debit card, put it on the Sapphire instead and earn those double points! Aside from that, if you’re using your points from normal everyday expenses towards travel, you earn 1.25 points that end up saving you money on travel.

Earned 2X points at In-N-Out Burger

Now, there are some requirements in order to be approved, which every credit card company has. In order to be approved for this card your credit needs to be at LEAST high 600’s to mid 700’s. It would be a combo of a great score and your income as well. However, this isn’t always guaranteed. In my personal experience I was actually denied with my credit score being in this range. How I was able to snag this card was by becoming an authorized user by James. James was approved immediately and we’ve been fortunate enough to earn so many points in a small period of time. Adding an authorized user also gets you 5k points! 😉

Earned 2X points on this flight

This was also thanks to something called a SIGN UP BONUS! When James applied for this card there was a promotion going on, that if you spent 4k within 3 months you received a sign up bonus of 50k points. That may seem like a lot and IT IS! We did not think we would hit those numbers at all and it was never our intention. However, trips came up, we both used the card heavily for everyday expenses and TA DA! Sign up bonus points received!! *claps hands* If you’re currently doing research and have all the requirements to be approved, make sure this is a current promotion. If you think you can hit those numbers or have a large purchase planned, it’s definitely worth it!

So what’s so special about collecting points you ask? TRAVEL!!! James and I love to travel. We plan on racking up as many points as possible throughout the next year or two in order to travel to parts of the world we dream of going to. Essentially you can travel for FREE. Points can be used directly through Chase with their travel partners and can be transferred to partners as well for flights, hotels, rental cars, and cruises! When you’re on the road or on the other side of the world you also have many benefits. This card has travel insurance included, no blackout dates and no international transaction fees! Yasssss!!!

Other ways to earn points include promotional offers and shopping directly through Chase. Need to make some online purchases or have a need for some shopping, make sure to check to see if that store is a partner with Chase! You could be earning more points than you think is possible. Some stores partnered with Chase include Apple,, Nike,, Groupon, and more. You can earn anywhere from 2-6 points per dollar! Since Valentine’s day is around the corner there are currently a few promotions offered as well. If you purchase flowers from ProFlowers through Chase the bonus is 12 points per dollar! Isn’t that crazy?! *Points party!!*

The ONLY downside to this card some might think is the annual fee. James hates the fee. I personally think the card pays for itself, but that’s just me. There’s a $0 intro annual fee for the first year and after that it’s $95 a year.

I hope this review has been helpful in your search for the right credit card for you. James and I have certainly enjoyed watching our point accumulation go up and becoming that much closer to traveling for free. If you have any questions regarding my experience using the Chase Sapphire Preferred feel free to comment below or check out Chase’s website here.

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