Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival 2017

It’s been a solid week and some change now that the 2nd annual Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival has passed us. Hopefully you’ve gotten the grime off your body and the dirt out of your nose. Now that I’ve had some time to process these wonderful few days in the middle of nowhere Florida, I’ll break it down for you below by:

impressed or nah?”



Woahhhhhh! The art this year was ridiculously good. I love walking around and randomly coming across an empowering sculpture or watching an artist start an art piece by scratch. There was of course the iconic massive sculpture from last year, the mammoth and gazebo type sculpture in the grove pictured below. Both looked so intricate and must have taken so much time to put together. It’s pieces like this that make people stop and awe at it’s magnificence. My favorite though was the naked woman holding the American flag. During this time and what’s been going on with women’s rights and equality, I stand behind this artist more than ever.


Working in the event industry I’m lucky enough to always have access to VIP. Sure, it sounds cool, but you know what’s cooler?! AIR CONDITIONED RESTROOMS! Port a potty’s are Satan’s den and I don’t fuck around with that shit (hehe punz). If I were an actual attendee that paid monies I would definitely pay that extra cash moola just for the restrooms alone. Getting VIP admission also allows you to camp in a sectioned off area, away from GA craziness and access to showers! Not only can you party like a king but you can smell great too! My favorite part of Okee’s VIP though has to be the viewing area. The area’s are large enough where you can get close and get a great view, or chill in the back on a lawn chair and still have a great shot of the stage. It’s a win-win-win situation. Oh yeah, I forgot they also have GOODIES to give out like veggie juices(YUM!), snacks, and crawfish at a welcoming party. Whhhhattt? Yeah. It’s dope.


Onesies were *ON FLEEK* this year (is that still a saying?). I witnessed unicorn, minion, Christmas, spider-man, and a bunch of other onsies. Once the temperature dropped a little at night they all came out! It was incredible. I had no idea this many designs in onsies were available to ADULTS!


Located in the depths of Okeechobee, Florida this music festival is a real pain in the ass to get to. HOWEVER, Sunshine Grove, the name of the land is possibly the utmost perfect location here in Florida. When I was in college not too long ago one of my professors challenged my class to come up with the perfect location for a music festival here in FL. *Drum roll!* What are the odds that we chose Okeechobee!! Crazy, right?! Either way, I consider their location to be central FL but this festival is easily accessible coming from either Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm, and Port St. Lucie.


If you haven’t been aware already, totems are massive at music festivals (by massive I mean oversaturated). They’re a great way for your lost friends to find you or make new ones! The more creative you are the better and more than likely to go viral on the internet (wish I was kidding). I wish I took more photos but this has to be my favorite totem from Okee! This totem was inspired by Pixar’s UP and by the looks of it originally had some balloons attached to it. A+ for effort! I’m sure security confiscated the balloons before they even entered the festival. Glad to see the Disney spirit was in the air at Okee!


This year I wasn’t too fond of the line up but I always find a few artists to enjoy. Wiz Khalifa was pretty dope and I knew a good amount of songs surprisingly. He threw out giant inflatable joints into the crowd and they ate that shit up. Kings of Leon closed out the festival Sunday night and they were great live. Bassnectar returned for the 2nd time at Okee with a completely different set that fans seemed to love. My favorite part about Bassnectar has to be people watching! These fans get so HYPED and don’t give a shit about what they look like or how they dance. It’s actually very refreshing. If you follow me on Twitter you can find a hilarious video of some bassheads dancing.





*COUGH COUGH* Bring a bandana for the love of everything holy! I don’t remember it being as dusty last year and I certainly was not prepared. Every night I got back to my hotel I’d blow my nose and be disgusted of what got in there. It’s Florida’s version on Bonnaroo for sure. If you don’t know what that means, it’s DUSTY as freck there! *BEWARE*


Cell phone service

It’s almost always expected to lose service at festivals this big, but JEEZ. I could not get service anywhere at all. I know, I’m a millennial cry baby snowflake. Sue me.

Security guards

I wish they knew better, but smoking weed with Wiz Khalifa during your shift is not cool. I get it, he’s famous, you’re under pressure, but your job is to keep people safe. Save your¬†extracurriculars for after your shift just like all the other employees on site. If this dude didn’t get fired I’d be really surprised.


Again, Wiz sharing his joint with security is not a good idea. Sleigh Bells bass was way too overbearing. It was hard to hear lyrics and actual music beside the *BOOM BOOM* of the bass. I didn’t get to see Solange live but what I’ve been told is that she was “meh.” Her set started off in a weird manner and then she tried to overcompensate with yoga moves on stage. Interesting approach. The CROWD for Kings of Leon! Holy shit. I’ve never seen a crowd more bored or not being able to dance in my life. These people just stood there without moving an inch. I didn’t get it at all. And for my finishing thoughts, I wish I saw “The Mannequin Challenge” song so I could talk shit (I’m a sweetheart).

If you’ve come this far, thank you for taking your time and reading everything! I hope you saw the humor through all of this. Okeechobee is definitely a great Florida festival and I hope it’s here to stay. I would totally recommend going to this festival. The timing is perfect mostly due to Florida’s weather in March. It’s not crazy hot and it’s not super cold. It’s just right! Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you attended the fest who were your favorite artists? I was working and didn’t get to see too many.

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