Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other

Now that Valentine’s Day is behind us, this Thursday marks my favorite day of love, my anniversary! James and I have been together for 8 years this Thursday, February 23rd 2017. We’ve made it a tradition to go on an adventure every year for our anniversary which I look forward to every year. This year we are visiting the city where we spent our college years together and fell in love, Orlando! We both haven’t been to Orlando for at least a year and haven’t been to Universal Studios for at least three years. When we lived in Orlando Harry Potter World had just opened and we would go ALL the time (because I worked for Universal). However, we have not been since the expansion to Universal Studios and the addition of the Hogwarts Express. We are SO PUMPED! So what does this have to do with TRAVEL? I’M GETTING THERE!

Year 1- Fancy Dinner

Over the years we have grown, changed and learned so much about one another. Our first trip together as a couple was a few months after our 1 year anniversary. We did a MAJOR road trip from Orlando, FL to Bogota, NJ for a rock concert! This trip totaled about 17hrs or so. This was the largest road trip both of us had ever done, so it was definitely an experience for both of us. What I’ve learned about traveling with James over the years are:

Year 2- Daytona Beach!


Make sure you’re on the same page on where you’re going and what you want to do/accomplish. There will be different things that you and your significant other will want to do or see. Find a common ground and try to check off those things that are at the top of your lists. For Example: James and I are going on a trip to NY in April for our birthdays. James LOVES baseball and his favorite team is the Yankees. He has wanted to catch a game at the Yankee’s stadium for a long time now. Personally, I’m not a huge baseball or sport fan at all, BUT I have been to baseball games and always have fun! It also makes it special for me knowing that I get to experience something that he has always wanted to do, which makes me happy. In return I have always wanted to watch a Broadway play! I chose Aladdin, a Disney movie I grew up with, which also makes James happy because it’s something I hold close to my heart.

Year 3- Ziplining!

Being patient

Shit happens. The last time James and I went to NY we waited for our hotel shuttle for an hour and a half on the street. We were SO annoyed. We had adventured all day and were totally pooped. The last thing we wanted to do was wait, BUT we were patient. It was a FREE shuttle anyways from the hotel to the city. We were grateful. Plus, if we didn’t wait that long, we would have never gotten yelled at by a weird homeless man on the street. That was kind of funny and made for a good story/memory. And when you look at the bigger picture, it’s not that serious anyways. Just breathe in and out and stay calm. It’s most likely just a “first world problem.”

Year 4- Orlando Adventure/Stomach Flu

Ditching the electronics

Living in this modern age it almost seems like you’re pushed out the womb holding a smartphone in your hand. When taking trips with your significant other it’s always important to take time to disconnect from electronics to focus on your relationship. This is healthy! If you’re watching the sunset and feel the need to take a photo or snapchat, sure share your point of view, but as soon as you’re done put it away! There’s nothing worse than a buzzkill from someone constantly on their phone, especially from your partner!

Year 5- Magic Kingdom!


This is everyone’s favorite part! Who will pay for what? This is easy when you’re married and have shared bank accounts, because you know exactly where it’s coming from. However, if you’re still dating make sure to keep in communication on who will pay for what, to plan your trip financially. One person can pay for flights and the other can pay for the hotel. Make sure that it makes sense and that you’re covering financials equally. After all, a relationship is a partnership isn’t it?

Year 6- All Disney Parks!

Having fun!

This is probably the most important tip of all! This is why you decided to travel, right?! Traveling in general has it’s ups and downs. Flights are delayed, luggage is lost, tours are cancelled, and so forth. We hope everything goes smoothly, but the memories you’ll make and how you decide to overcome those obstacles are what’s important. Remember to live in the moment, smile, laugh and have fun! We only have one life, might as well live it to the fullest! Happy travels!

Year 7- New York!

Planning a trip with your significant other? Where are you guys going?! I love to hear about different places people have gone to and experienced. If any of these tips helped, let me know! 😛 I hope you enjoyed my anniversary montage photos. 🙂

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