Top 10 Items To Bring To A Music Festival

As music festival season approaches and in honor of me leaving for Okeechobee Music Festival today, these are my top 10 items to bring to any music festival! I have about four years of experience with preparing for music festivals so I can tell you from personal experience this is what I bring. Whether you’re a complete music festival n00b, a seasoned pro, or someone looking for reminders or tips, I hope this helps!

10. Hygiene Products

I actually wrote a post regarding hygiene at music festivals 3 years ago on my Tumblr! (I know, I’m old!) Check that out here. I list 15 items to bring as a woman. If you’re a guy reading this, disregard the tampons and hair ties, unless you have long hair. The items I talk about bringing in this post will help you stay clean and feeling refreshed!

9. Portable charger

If you’re someone that enjoys taking pictures, videos, and sharing on social media occasionally when there’s service, make sure to bring a portable charger with you. I would not depend on your phone to find your friends because music festivals are notorious for not having cell signal at all. When you’re not attempting to snap chat or sharing pictures make sure to also keep your phone on airplane mode, this way your battery doesn’t die as fast. Having a portable charger is obviously not necessary, but if you’re going to be away from your campsite all day, it’s nice to have!

8. Extra clothes

Shit happens. It can rain, you can slip in mud, you can get drenched in sweat and feel disgusting. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Also, make sure to check the weather about 2 days beforehand! When I attended my first camping festival I didn’t bother to check this and only brought t-shirts, shorts, and 1 pair of long pajama pants. At night the temperature dropped down to the 50’s and I was freezing my ass off! I had to put on more than half of my clothes to keep warm and fall asleep. Bring a sweater, jacket, jeans, and anything else that will keep you warm for cold nights.

7. Snacks

This is a major way to save money and stay comfortable between meals! Bring non perishable snacks that will last you for the amount of time your festival is. Granola bars, chips, nuts, more granola bars. If you’d like to stay a little healthier, make sure to bring a small cooler for fresh fruit, yogurt, cheese sticks, and any other food that could possibly go bad. Make sure to also bring some water with you just in case. I know this isn’t a snack, but sometimes it’s convenient to have around your campsite. Most festivals will have free water stations available, so make sure to look for those, and bring a reusable bottle with you.

6. Headlamp

The flashlight on your phone will not be enough. Imagine yourself in a pitch black forest surrounded by other campers without any major light source. Having a headlamp will save your ass from getting lost, losing items, finding items, help watch where you’re walking, and go to the bathroom at night (try to avoid port a potties). This doesn’t seem like a necessity but once the sun goes down you’ll be very grateful for your headlamp. These cost anywhere from $10-$25 depending on how strong the bulb is and how bright you want it to be. I bought my Energizer 150 Lumen Vision HD Headlight at Walmart for $14.59. I’ve used it at every festival I’ve gone to the last three years. You’ll thank me later!

5. Tent

This is primarily depending on whether you’re going to a camping festival or not. Either way you don’t have to camp, you can rent a hotel, camping is just easier than paying for a hotel, fighting traffic, finding parking, walking, and getting to the artist you want to see on time. Bringing the correct sized tent really depends on how many people will be sleeping inside of it. If you’re the type of camper that wants to be comfortable and might possibly take mid day naps to continue partying, I highly suggest getting a larger tent. The first time I camped by myself at a music festival I brought a 3 person tent with me that fit my cot and all my things comfortably and with space for me to walk/stand. I felt like a camping queen! If someone else would have stayed with me they would have fit, but there wouldn’t have been as much space. Plan this in advance and if you’re purchasing a tent, make sure to set it up at home, to make sure everything/everyone will fit beforehand.

4. Comfortable shoes

Sure some music festivals get a rep where you want to dress up as nice as possible with cute wedge high heels or boots, but lets be honest with ourselves, that sucks. The reality is that you’ll be walking so damn much that you’ll rack up as many steps on your fit bit as if you were at Disney World, or more. Do you really want to do that in heels? Be smart. Also, don’t wear your brand new yeezys or a pair of sneaker that cost more than $150 unless you want to possibly ruin them. If you don’t care about either of these things, go nuts. Do what you want! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

3. Ear plugs

It doesn’t matter if you’re a light or deep sleeper, you will need these!!! You don’t have to invest in $100 custom made ear plugs, anything will do. You will need these to sleep if you’re at a camping festival and while you’re watching shows if you want to get close up. From personal experience I can tell you that years of concerts and festivals without ear plugs have ruined my hearing. Save yourself from bad hearing and making people repeat themselves (people get annoyed). If you’re camping you’ll definitely need ear plugs. Some people like to be well rested for the next day and get a few hours of sleep, however that doesn’t stop your neighbors from staying up until 5AM raging super hard with their music at full blast.

2. Rain boots

These are a must! Nothing kills your vibe more than rain. During Summer you hope for the best weather possible, but that’s not always the case. Rain can come pouring down at any festival and usually when you’re in the middle of noweheresville in a giant field, mud is a high probability. If I didn’t bring my rain boots to Bonnaroo three years ago I would have been screwed. After it rained, there was mud everywhere. You couldn’t escape it. I went to shower and the showers were surrounded by mud pits. People were trudging though mud pits, showering, then trudging back though the mud right after getting clean. What’s the point?! Do yourself a favor and bring rain boots just in case! You’ll be happy if you don’t have to use them and happy if you do.


I know this goes along with hygiene products, but this is the most important of all! Baby wipes are SO handy in any situation. Lines at the shower too long? You’ve spent too much money and can’t afford to pay for a shower? The shower is 2 miles away from your campsite? Fear not! Baby wipes are there to save the day! Give yourself a baby wipe shower, use that dry shampoo, and spray some body mist and no one will be able to tell the difference. Baby wipes are also great for sticky situations like cleaning food off your hands, getting glitter off your body, using at the restroom, cooling off, and cleaning anything else off your body. If you’re smart you’ll also get a large pack to share with friends just in case they start to stink a little. They’ll appreciate it too!

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